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Window Installation

When fire strikes your home or office, you need to be able to scramble for safety ASAP. That can be a problem in a basement bedroom, but S&C Waterproofing can easily solve it with the professional installation of an egress window. This safety feature is required by law in many states. They furnish occupants with natural light, provide a source of natural ventilation, and can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

Ensure safety with our professional installations that meet local egress codes. Egress windows provide natural light and ventilation and are crucial during emergencies. Contact us at 585-435-1684 or online to schedule an appointment.

Spray Foaming

Experience the numerous benefits of spray foam insulation for your home. Spray foam insulation is a highly effective solution that offers exceptional thermal performance, energy efficiency, and improved indoor comfort. Creating an airtight seal prevents leaks and minimizes heat loss or gain, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced utility bills. The superior insulation properties of spray foam also contribute to noise reduction, providing a quieter and more peaceful living environment. Additionally, it acts as a barrier against moisture infiltration, preventing mold growth and enhancing the durability of your home. With its versatility and ability to conform to irregular spaces, spray foam insulation ensures complete coverage, filling gaps and voids for optimal insulation performance. Make the smart choice for your home and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of spray foam insulation.


Drainage Packages

If your basement has standing water or gets flooded frequently, it is time to install a new basement drainage system or make wide-ranging repairs to your existing one. During the construction of a home or office building, exterior drainage systems such as footing drains or French drains are installed around the basement. The sole purpose of these drainage systems is to keep water away from the basement.

However, these drains get clogged over time, and water reaches the basement. To stop this issue, contact the drainage experts from S&C Waterproofing. Our crews provide the best drainage systems services. We provide an interior basement drainage system that costs less than the exterior ones, takes only 1-2 days to install, and needs no excavation while installing.

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